How To Play Mega Million

Pennsylvania has a brand new lottery game. Millions, that’s been played in many countries including NY and NJ, Is now available from the Keystone state, along with Powerball. So what’s Mega Millions and how do you play with it? For those curious about the game, we’ve put together the following guide: Q: How do I play the game? A: Players choose of five numbers from one to 56 and one number from one to 46. Players may select their numbers that are or have them selected randomly by the computer. Fill the bet slip out and you’ll have a ticket printed out on it with your numbers. 파워볼사이트

Remember to check that your info is correct and legible. Q? A: $1. For a further dollar you may add the Megaplier choice, which provides the chance to multiply your non jackpot winnings to you. The Megaplier number, which varies from two to four, is selected. You can win a trophy by hitting the Mega Ball. Getting all five numbers minus the Ball, for instance, is worth $250. Obtaining four numbers in addition to the Mega Ball is worth $10. To find the complete list of prizes available visit and click the Mega Millions logo on top. In the site you will be capable to see if your favored number has ever won.

If I win, just how do I claim my prize? A: Take your ticket for empowerment. The dealer is required to pay prizes up to including $2, 500 per ticket. You have to also file a claim form to get any winning ticket older than 180 days. Jackpot prizes must be requested at the lottery headquarters at 1200 Fulling Mill Road, Middletown. Q: Where can I find tickets? A: You can purchase tickets just about anyplace Pennsylvania lottery tickets are sold.

Q: Can I buy tickets in advance? A: Yes, you can purchase up to 13 weeks or 26 drawings at advance. Your cost increases together with each drawing date you add. Q: What is the deadline for buying a ticket? A: Tickets will be available to get sale until 9: 59 p.m. On the night of the drawing. Q: Where will the drawing take place? A: The drawings will be announced at 11: 20 p.m. Every Tuesday and Friday on WGAL during its 11 p.m. News. 실시간사이트

Q: When is Powerball being announced? A: WGAL moved the Wednesday and Saturday night broadcasts of the Powerball drawing to 11: 20 p.m. Q: What does the jackpot start at? A: $12 million, that is a bit smaller compared to Powerball’s $20 million. As together with Powerball, the pot gets bigger until someone wins. Q: How high may the Mega Millions jackpot get? A: Pretty high.

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